Have you ever felt like a weight has been lifted from your head when you chop off your hair? Supposing it is unanimous YES, you must have had enough of your Rapunzel phase and it is time for a new change. Why not make a bold move and try a liberating cropped look which gives you the best of both worlds, timeless sophistication and modern chic glam. It is like killing two birds with one stone, you can start fresh with a convenient short haircut and still look effortlessly fabulous for summer days to come. You even get to save yourself a hefty bill on hairstyling products because your short hair won’t demand much goods. Plus prepping for the day will be done in a jiffy and there won’t be any hassle to manage your time. 

Once you give into the ease and fashionable change of a short hairstyle, everything is going to be in place perfectly. No hair caught between the zippers, no sweat streaked hair on your nape, and definitely no hair to play and distract your thoughts! When your hair is short, it does not barge into your face, it stays in place and keeps you from constantly reaching out to it. What’s even better, a short hairdo is a great style that can work well with all sorts of hair types, from thick, thin, wavy, and curly to straight hair. There is an array of amazing hairstyles for people with short hair, on every social media sites or pages. You just have to find your perfect fit and gear up to embrace the different you.

This is a transformation, which can turn you into a muse for onlookers of all ages and genders. So, why stop yourself from reaching out to this tantalizing offer when you have nothing to lose but a few extra keratins from your head? It is going to grow back in no time and you will never miss a thing, especially when a short hairdo will earn you dozens of compliments a day with minimal effort. Every time you look into the mirror, you get to see a more youthful image of yourself.

With enough said and written on how short hair is the best way to go around these days, NOW it is time for you to stop hiding behind those long locks and curls, allowing your facial features to shine. You come through with a bright and refreshing change with any of these 10 Trending hairstyles for Short Hair. These are styled haircuts that fall between a trimmed pixie and an edgy bob. Take your prick and prepare to look absolutely stunning!

1. Sleek bob


Nothing screams sophistication and modern chic glam more than a sleek bob. This is a hairstyle that can get you to look like a boss-lady in one minute and a hip chick in the next. It is a hairdo that has been serving looks forever. Never going out of style and always the trendiest in any hairstyle list! Needless to say, you are bound to stumble upon a sleek bob at one stage or the other in every celebrity’s hair evolution. This is unquestionably the most sought after and worn hairdo among short hair. To get this look, all you have to do is a wash, blow-dry, and set! You are only 3 steps away from looking salon-fabulous! To set your sleek bob apart from others, you ramp things up by adding a touch of color and parting your hair to the middle, right or left side, whichever works to make you look the best! 

2. Layered bob with feather bangs

layered bob

Are you looking for a different set of bob? Not the straight and modest kind rather the fun and spunky one. Then you might have hit the jackpot because this is the look you are itching for!  It might be a bob at first glance but once you take a good look, you are going to be hooked! Just think about it, what is a fashionable way to fix your everyday bob? The answer is by throwing in an extra dimension. And how do you do that?  Well, you just have to snip a few strands to create a layered bob!  Every flip you take with it is going to be different and better each time. You can definitely count on a layered bob to shake things up and make your hair seem thicker than it actually is.  What’s more, a layered bob gets even better when you style feather bangs with it.  This hairstyle is a no-fuss short hair look to perfectly match your effortless and trendy OOTD. 

3. Captain Marvel pixie cut

Captain marvel Pixy cut

The one thing that has always been associated with short hair is zero maintenance. It is the main reason why people are driven to get short hairstyles. You simply want to look good without going through the hassle of setting your hair every time. A pixie cut might be the boldest choice you will ever make, so kudos to those who are able to take the leap and savor the convenience of pixie cuts. It might have been hard to get it done at first but once you have a pixie cut there us no turning back. This quick and easy hairstyle has been a favorite among celebrities of all ages. Who said pixie cuts only work for certain age groups and facial types? Don’t get clumped along with the indecisive bunch, it is pretty clear that a pixie cut looks good on everyone and we have Captain Marvel to prove it! You won’t know what’s good unless you give it a whirl! Try out a pixie cut and be liberated from those long locks for once in your life!

4. Chic curly bob

chik curly bob

When you talk about sleek bob the next thing to discuss is a curly bob. If you think a straight hairstyle looks good on short hair then you are missing out on the magic of stunning curls. Let’s be real, every single one of us has kept our hair long enough to be beautifully curled, from the roots to the tips and even if you didn’t curl them, you might have at least thought about it. This thought came to you because you know cascading curls will look good on you. If you think long curls are fabulous then why are you forgetting about short curls?  Your short bob won’t be the same when you curl them. A flick of curling iron is going to change your bob game once and for all. There might be a little work at the start, but you won’t regret getting it because this hairstyle will give you short hair and a chic personality. 

5. Balayage blond bob

Balayage blond bob

If you want to take your Bob to the next level, then you might want to use this hairstyle as an inspiration for your next haircut. By keeping the bob slightly wavy with blond Balayage will add extra persona to a simple bob. This is a hairstyle to look and feel youthful. Your hairdo will look striking among the crowd! No wonder it is trending in 2020!

6. Face framing pixie cut

face framing pixie cut

As far as pixie cuts are concerned this is the shortest one unless you want a buzzcut by going even shorter! This short hairstyle is going to a statement on its own. All you have to do is put on some glam and you are sure to turn heads!

 If by some chance, one of you has a buzz cut at this very moment then once it has grown a certain length, it could be a slight problem for you. Your outgrown buzz cut can be difficult to style without using heavy gel or any other hair products. This is why; many people revert to their old hairstyle. After you fall into this routine of cutting your hair when it grows a little, you won’t be able to explore new hairstyles. This is why, the best method to rock any outgrown buzz cut is to tame it. Use non-greasy hair products to keep your hair down for a face-framing Pixie cut like this! Growing your hair is going to be a fun journey to new hairstyle discoveries! 

7. Tomboy pixie cut

Tomboy Pixy cut

What would a list of trending hairstyles for short hair be without the all-time famous tomboy pixie cut? You just need to keep one thing in mind, trim the sides short and the top slightly longer to get a boyish glam! 

8. Short Balayage kinky curls

Short bayerel kinki curls

Styling impeccable curls are easy as they come. The number one rule is to avoid brushing your natural curls after washing. This hairstyle is easy to remember and easy to style. Simply let loose your own curls and create tight ringlets to add more dimension. 

Get your natural kinky curls to look even more fabulous with a Balayage hairdo! 

9. Wavy caramel Balayage pixie cut

Wavy caramel balayage pixie cut

What way to make your fun pixie even better, throw in a beautiful contrasting color and you get a spunky hairstyle. This wavy pixie is textured with a touch of caramel Balayage. Doesn’t it look like an irresistible temptation? 

10. Irregular wavy bob

Irregular wavy bob

If you are tired of the usual sleek and wavy Bob then switch to a new hairstyle like this! You will look effortless and beach ready! To get this look, you just need to part irregular waves on your best side! After that, you are bound to look amazing!


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