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5 Best Earn Money App List Where You Can Earn Money in Millions

You have a smartphone, then you must be using a lot of mobile apps, but do you know that today there are many such apps in the Google Play Store, from which you can earn money,

Today smartphones are one of our most important things and every person spends some time of their day on their mobile, so it is often accessed how to earn money from the Mobile App.

Today is a period where you can earn money just by sitting at your house and the good thing is that for this you do not even need to make any kind of investment because usually, we earn money from our smartphone. Can go

So today we are going to tell you about all those money earning apps which are present in Google Play Store and that you can earn money.

1. Dream11 Earn Money App

Dream11 is a Play and Win website and app. In which you have to use your cricketing knowledge to form a team.

Earlier, 250 rupees were given on joining Dream 11, but in today’s time, its Refer and Earn Program has changed.

If you register by clicking on the link referenced and putting its code, then both get 100 rupees. Which you can play by making Dream 11 without some investment.

You can earn millions of rupees by making your Dream 11. And this is a reality that you can really earn money online.

2. RozDhan Earn Money App

Daily Dhan app is quite popular and is used by many people, so it is also considered reliable and we have used this app ourselves, so if you want to earn money from the mobile app then you must use it once needed.

This is money earning app in which you can earn money in many ways and also you can earn money by watching trending articles and viral videos in it.

There are many ways to earn money from Roz Dhan App for which you can earn money, for this first download RozDhan App because after downloading it you can get Rs 50 immediately by entering invite code.


3. My11Circle Earn Money App

My11Circle App is also a fantasy cricket application, its popularity can be estimated by the fact that this app has been downloaded by 13 million people and won a prize of 1.1 crores using this application.

By promoting the My11Circle App, you can get a bonus of 500 rupees by adding it to each person through the Refer and Arran program, and then they can earn money by playing matches without putting any money in it using money.


4. MPL

A lot of people waste a lot of their time playing mobile games, which only pass our time and we are able to entertain, but you can earn money along with playing MPL games if you want.

There are many mobile games of your choice in this app, which you play in your daily life, but you do not earn money, which only spoils your time.

Therefore, the MPL Game App has been created so that people who are fond of playing mobile games can earn money along with playing the game.

5. Meesho

This is a very good app for those people who want to do online business with the help of their mobile without making any investment.

Because this is such an app where you get all kinds of similar views and when you sell these to someone, you get a good amount of money in commission.

This is a way that you earn as much money as you face, so there is no limit to earning money, so if you have people around you who like to shop online, then you should use this app.


How money making apps earn money

Here it becomes very important to know how the company makes money with the Mobile App and this question is also often reached by the people, then it is known that how the money-earning App earns money.

Many people may come to the question that why an application will give money to someone, sometimes it does not fade, so we also answer your questions about how some money earning apps earn money.

-Google Adsense

This is the easiest way to earn money from online business, so you get to see Google Adsense ads on every blogwebsiteYouTube channel, and app.

When you use any mobile app, you usually see Google ads in it, which the company you make and Google earns money from. So next time you see an advertisement in a mobile app, then understand that it is earning money.


You must have seen your FAQ when you install a mobile app and use it, then you are asked to download another mobile app.

Through which even that mobile app earns money, that is, promotion of another app in its app so that it can earn money.

-Affiliate Marketing

Through which mobile apps earn a lot of money and let us tell you that this is the three most common which are commonly used to make money earning apps and there are many ways that apps that make money will earn money. Huh

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