What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a famous website that is used for the latest free streaming movies. But, in 2014 it was shut down by the USA government due to copyright issues. Putlocker has been reported by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as piracy.

The entertainment industry of our world is booming at an alarming rate and has been the favorite pastime for every age group ranging from a child to an older man. Everyone has their taste of genre when it comes to movies or TV series, and binge-watching. These have proved to be a good way to relax and take some time off from hectic schedules and offices. Today as the world is becoming digitized, people often choose to sit at home and enjoy these shows and movies on various sites, which are either free or paid, and one of the places that were very popular before it got shut down was Putlocker.
Those who know can agree Putlocker was a godsend. But those unaware of it, Putlocker is an online streaming website that offered free movie streaming. The site originated from the UK in 2011 and was a hit almost immediately.

  1. But due to copyright issues, the website had to change its domain address often to avoid being shut down. Although the site is still running, it’s only a matter to time before it either has to change its domain address again or be shut down.
    Now, lets quickly highlight some of the alternative sites that you could binge-watch your movies and TV series without any hassle.

We have compiled a list of Pulocker alternatives for you in any event of Putlocker being unavailable.

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18 Best Putlocker Alternatives Sites

A large number of people watched movies and TV shows on Putlocker. Putlocker was closed in June 2014. His entertainment was spoiled after Putlocker was shut down. We are Putulocker Alternatives to continue their entertainment.

1. 123Movies

123Movies has had always been a worthy competitor of the Putlocker. The most fantastic thing about 123Movies is its userfriendly, clean, and aesthetic design, which makes it easier to use. It has an extensive database of movies from all genres and is continuously updated to include newly released movies. The website also has a low frequency, which makes the whole experience even more amazing.
This site, just like Putlocker, gives you an option of different genres in different languages and provides content from different countries as well. It is free of cost, and one can easily find the latest movies in good and high quality. The index list is quite extensive, giving the viewer to choose from, and therefore, one doesn’t have to look up through different sites and waste time.


URL https://123movies-to.org/

2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It is all because of its easily accessible design, which makes browsing for movies easier and the availability of most recent films. The site also offers HD streaming, and you can save your preferences by creating an account. And the streaming ages also contain a synopsis of the film and its IMDb info.
Without any doubt, the most straightforward alternative to Putlocker is solar movies. It boasts a high-quality computer program for movies online very much like Putlocker. It doesn’t need an account or subscription to operate, and one access movie free of costs without any hassle.


URL https://new-solarmovie.com/


MEGASHARE offers very convenient free streaming services. Its extensive content library and user-friendly interface invite a massive amount of viewers. The great thing about MEGASHARE is that it also offers TV shows, which makes it an excellent choice for binge-watching your favorite series. The website also provides subtitles, which puts the entire streaming experience at ease.


URL http://www1.megasharesc.com/

4. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is one of the few sites that has kept itself relatively the same over time, despite its competitors being shut down or changing their domain addresses. The site offers an easy to understand simplistic interface. Its movie layers offer movies in HD without any extra features. While the movie library is massive, the same cannot be said about its TV show database. Its useful search feature lets you sort by genre, popularity, and year.
Jump into Fmovies and enjoy beautiful glimpses of your favorite Movies. You’ll be able to watch free movies online in prime quality at no cost without advertisements, and it contains most of the Putlockers movies.
The offline view is made possible by this site. Users can download both the movies and the subtitles for offline viewing. It’s a spread of flicks from the oldest to the latest for his or her viewers and is one the most effective site like Putlocker.

Movie watcher

URL https://moviewatcher.is/

5. Fmovies

Fmovies is a strong Putlocker alternative. It is a lightweight site for streaming both the latest movies as well as your all-time favorite classics. The site has a minimalistic and sleek design, which makes it very appealing to browse through the films. And its big search bar upfront sure makes the task easier. It also features a trending age that shows all the latest blockbusters.
Jump into Fmovies and enjoy beautiful glimpses of your favorite Movies. You’ll be able to watch free movies online in prime quality at no cost without advertisements, and it contains most of the Putlockers movies.
The offline view is made possible by this site. Users can download both the movies and the subtitles for offline viewing. It’s a spread of flicks from the oldest to the latest for his or her viewers and is one the most effective site like Putlocker.


URL https://ww5.fmovie.sc/

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is much like some of the well-known streaming sites like Netflix and Prime Video. It offers a vast collection of movies and tv shows. The site also allows you to download your favorite movies and tv shows so that you can watch them later. It has a very user-friendly interface, and the same content can also be viewed on its app. This is one of the sites just like Putlocker with no subscription requirements, and people can watch movies without paying even a single buck. But unlike Putlocker, this site doesn’t keep popular movies and series but shows stuff from independent movie production houses.

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time

URL https://popcorntime.app/

7. Watch TV Series

Watch TV Series as the name suggests this website is TV fanatics only. The site offers an extensive database of old and new tv series. And the content is updated quite regularly. You can browse using various categories such as mini-series, new TV shows, and more. The site does not ask for any credit card details and offers free HD streaming instantly.

watch TV series

URL https://www.watchtvseries.video/

8. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is an excellent website with a very sleek, modern, and minimalistic user interface. The content on the site is easily accessible, all thanks to its interface. With this site, both movies and TV shows will be streamed directly to you, which makes it a great addition to this list. All the streams on the website are in HD.
The next best alternative on the list is Yes movies. Just like other alternatives to Putlocker, Yesmovies’ sport, a visually impressive UI, and films on this website are well organized in several genres. In addition to movies, you’ll also enjoy famous TV shows like stranger things on this website and too in top quality and at a quick speed. Lastly, the site allows users to observe content supported their countries, just like the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and others.


URL https://yesmovies.mom/

9. AZMovies

AZMovies is another remarkable alternative to Putlocker. The site is fast and smooth, and the aesthetics of this website look quite similar to Netflix and other premium streaming sites. All the movies are streamed in HD, and more importantly, the site offers at least 20 different links that allow HD streaming. This feature is often not available on other streaming websites.


URL https://azm.to/

10. StreamDor

Stream Dor is somewhat of an odd streaming website, however its worth including in this list. Stream Dor is for times when you want to rewatch a classic film because that’s all it offers. Yes, the site only provides classic movies from the past decade. It does not contain any of the latest films. Another significant aspect of this site is that it hosts its content on Youtube. While that does make the streaming smoother and more comfortable for the watcher, it creates copyrights issues for StreamDor itself.


URL https://www.streamdor.com/

11. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is one of the most frequently visited streaming websites on the internet for TV shows and movies. Although its user interface is not the most aesthetically pleasing like the rest of the sites on this list. It still provides a great streaming experience. Its extensive database offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows. This includes the latest content as well as the classics. The free version of the website is populated with a lot of ads, which is rather unpleasant. But the VI subscription offers an Ad-free experience. This site also features sports content, which makes it appealing for a wider audience.


URL https://www.soap2day.la/

12. Los Movies

This is also a great site with tons of movies to keep you busy throughout the day. But the only thing annoying in between these movies would be adverts, which would pop up randomly. By using pop up blockers, there would not be such interference, and one can enjoy unlimited videos without any breaks.


URL http://losmovies.to/

13. Prime Video

Prime Video is a popular and top-notch video streaming site. Much like Putlocker, you could log into your account and stream it in an internet browser. Of direction, Amazon Prime also has an app for mobiles and TV gadgets. But this a paid site, and to fully have all the movies available, you have to get a subscription for it at a minimal rate.

URL https://www.primevideo.com/

14. Netflix

This name doesn’t need an introduction as it speaks for itself with being the most popular place amongst the teenage group. Netflix works only with subscription but gives you access to hundreds of movies and TV series of different genres which has now become a household name throughout the world.

URL https://www.netflix.com/

15. Hulu

Hulu another highly popular streaming service within the US. Not many know that Hulu is likewise owned through The Walt Disney agency, much like Disney+. Hulu functions tons of on-demand content, which includes films, shows, documentaries, and more. It is also recognized for numerous Originals.

URL https://www.hulu.com/

16. Snag films

Snag films may be an excellent place for those that wish to watch independent films and documentaries. This streaming service offers a vast array of such content; many of them are critically acclaimed and won several awards. I believe that Snag films may be an excellent alternative to Putlocker if you’re trying to find free and legal streaming.

URL https://www.snagfilms.com/

17. Tubi Tv

Tubi TV maybe a free website for streaming movies and television shows. It features over 15,000 movies and shows presently. This streaming service has over 20 million monthly users. Tubi TV is an ad-supported service with commercials appearing multiple times during the video playback. You can watch videos without signing in. However, if you’ve got an account, you’ll sync your streaming data across devices.

URL https://tubitv.com/

18. Hotstar

This is a little different from Putlocker as one needs to have an account to watch certain movies and shows, but there is a lot of content that one can see free of cost. The quality of the content present is really good, and one can stream through Wi-Fi or mobile data as well. With movies and TV series and they also give you an option of some of the talk shows with ate hosted by trendy faces.

URL https://www.hotstar.com/in

Wrapping Up:
All in all, there are many more different options to choose from when it comes to streaming movies or web series other than Putlocker and looking at the rate with which this industry is booming, in the coming years these options will expand at an alarming rate. These options that are listed in the above article are few of the much more available on the internet with or without subscription with a lot of different content that can keep anyone busy for hours. Therefore, apart from the site Putlocker, one can access these sites, which provides the best content possible throughout the day in the most natural way possible in today’s time.

This was the list of our favorite Putlocker alternatives for you. All the websites on the list are sure to fulfill your appetite for free movies and tv show streaming. All the websites offer excellent quality content that is sure to keep you hooked. While the Putlocker sites are almost vanishing or very hard to find, this list will come in handy. And even if you’re not a user of Putlocker and just looking for some free streaming sites, this list will help you out. Although, if you think we have missed any other excellent alternative to Putlocker,

Putlocker Proxy – Best 20+ Putlocker Proxy/MIrror Sites List 2020

PutLocker Proxy/Mirror Sites is a clone of the PutLocker website with a different domain name. They are managed by the staff of the Putulocker website. It contains all the data that was on the official website of Putulocker. Therefore, the domain of the Putlocker has been closed, so users can use Putlocker proxy websites. We have provided 20+ websites list of Putlocker Proxy to watch online free putlocker movies –

Putlocker Proxy

Putlocker Proxy/MirrorSpeedStatus
Putlocres.soVery FastOnline
123putlocker.comVery FastOnline
123putlocker.ioVery FastOnline
Putlockertv.toVery FastOnline
Putlockers.scVery FastOnline
Putlocker.fyiVery FastOnline
Putlocker9.asVery FastOnline
Putlockers.tfVery FastOnline
Putlockerfree.netVery FastOnline


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Has Putlockers been shut down?

PutLokers Domain was shut down in June 2014 by the USA govt of legal action and direct targeting from the Motion Picture Association of America. But there are lots of proxies/mirrors available that provide the facility of online movies and TV shows just like the Putlocker.

Is Putlockers illegal?

Putlockers is a copyright-free movie streaming website. Any website that gets free copyright content downloading and streaming is all illegal. Most countries in the world have free downloading and streaming Ilegal. Therefore it can be said that this website is illegal.

What is Putlockers new domain?

Currently, this domain of Putlocker is currently running: https://putlocres.so/. Putlokers website has Iligal movies streaming so these types of domains are blocked by Govt. So Putlocker changes its domain after some time.

Is Putlockers a safe site?

Putlocker is in the Fans Millions of streaming movies. But the question is, is it safe to watch movies in Putlocker? The answer is yes, it is safe to watch a movie in Putlocker. But for this, you have to use VPN to be safe. There are so many movies and TV shows that are illegal. It can be a danger not only for Putlocker but also for you.


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