Brother printer are known for excellent printing speed and budget-friendly cost. This Japanese company manufactures a wide range of printer devices for home users as well as for the businesses. The wireless print feature of Brother allows the user to share the printer on the network.

UnboxBrother Printer

  1. Keep the printer box on a flat surface
  2. Remove the tape and take out the printer
  3. Now check the ink cartridge
  4. Take out the power cord, USB cable, manual and driver CD
  5. Peel off all the tapes from the printer and cartridge
  6. Now connect the power cord to the printer
  7. Turn on the printer
  8. Open the access door and insert the ink cartridge
  9. Now you can connect your Brother printer to the network

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Setting Brother Printer to Default Settings

You can perform Brother Printer change default settings by using its Control Panel. But once you reset the printer then all your wired and wireless settings will become factory settings. For factory reset, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Brother printer
  2. On the Control Panel, click on Menu
  3. Use arrow keys and click on Initial Setup
  4. Hit the Enter button
  5. Again press the arrow key and select Reset
  6. Click on OK button
  7. Use Up arrow key and choose Factory Reset option
  8. Hit the OK button. Again press the Up arrow button and your Brother printer will restart automatically.

Resetting Brother Printer network settings to Factory default

  1. Click on the Control Panel and go to the Menu option
  2. Use arrow keys to select Network
  3. Press OK button

Select the Network Reset option and click on the OK button. The Brother printer will restart and now you can create a new network setting for your printer.

Download and install the Brother printer software (printer driver)

After connecting the printer to the network, try to take a printout. But you can only communicate with the Brother printer when you have installed the Brother printer software (printer driver) on your computer. Insert the CD on the disc drive on your computer and run the setup. For devices with a disc drive, download the driver setup from the internet. Open the manual and visit the provided link. Download a driver setup for your Brother printer model. Now go to the Downloads folder of your PC and search for your printer driver. Double-click on the driver and hit the Run button. You have to wait until the Brother printer driver gets installed on your device. Now connect the PC to the access point (router).

Connecting Brother Printer to Wireless network:

  1. Go to Brother printer control panel
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Use the Arrow button and select Network
  4. Navigate to WLAN and click on OK

Now choose Setup Wizard and hit the OK button. Click on WLAN enable and hit the Confirm button. You have to type the Network key and then click on the OK button. If the Brother printer gets connected to the network, the “Connected” message will be displayed on your printer’s LCD screen.

Unable to get printouts with Brother Printer network setup?

A user can get issues while taking printouts with Brother printer due to various reasons. When the error appears, check the printer driver on your computer. If a new update is available for the driver then install it on the PC. Now check whether your PC and Brother printer are connected to the same network or not. While giving the print command to Brother printer, make sure you are entering the correct password. Keep the Brother printer and PC nearer to the router (access point) and then give print command. You can also ask the Brother printer technical team for help.


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