Wireless technology is so popular today that electronics manufacturers need to take this nuance into account. This is very convenient because almost all modern printers are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, eliminating the need to use wires to connect the device to a PC or mobile gadget. In addition, it’s very easy to set up and connect to your printer via Wi-Fi. This article will show you how to set up a hp printer default password.

How to set default WIFI passwords for HP printers

You can get the wireless password for a computer that is connected to a wireless network. A wireless password is required to set up a hp printer default password on a wireless network. Unfortunately, if you forget your wireless password, you can find it by following these steps: First, turn on your computer and printer. You have to start view network connections to enable your computer to search the printer over wifi.

If you are wondering how to set your hp printer default password, you should always remember the following information: Tasks related to how to set a WiFi password for HP printers should ensure that they have wireless capabilities and only cover HP printers that use WiFi Direct if they are not linked over the local WiFi network.

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HP Printer WiFi Password Default Setup

You need to check your WiFi Direct settings before creating a brand new password. You can also rename the printer via the EWS (Embedded Web Server) of the printer itself. Here are the steps you must follow in this regard:

For printers with a touch screen control panel display, you can press the WiFi Direct symbol. You can press the setting symbol to turn this feature on or off or change the connection method to verify that you need a manual password or no automatic mode password.

For printers that don’t have a touch screen, you can easily print a WiFi Direct report that contains all the information you need. If your printer has an info button, you can press it to get the report you want. For other HP printers, you can press the Start and Copy buttons at the same time or hold down the Resume button to print the report.

Connect your HP wireless printer

These steps will help you set a new password when you rename your printer.

  • Make sure the printer is linked to the same network as your mobile device/computer.
  • Gets the printer’s IP address and the unique identification map that the printer has on this network.
  • For printers that do not display the control panel, print the network configuration page to get the required IP address.
  • For printers with a touch screen/menu control panel, the IP address will appear in the network settings or wireless menu.
  • Enter the IP address of your internet browser and select Enter to open the printer’s EWS or built-in web server.
  • If you select Network-WiFi Direct-Status, you will see a message that you are redirected to a new secure HTTPS-enabled page.
  • In this case, select either OK or Redirect to HTTPS. If you see the message The connection is not private, select Advanced and then Continue (printer IP address).
  • On the WiFi Direct status screen, to make the necessary changes, select the Edit Settings option, then select Apply.

These are some steps you should follow to set a new WiFi password.

Changing the product password

Use the HP Embedded Web Server to set a new password or change the password of a product on a network.

  1. LED control panel: Print a configuration page from the Reports menu of the control panel.

Touchscreen control panel: touch the Network button from the home screen of the product control panel to find its IP address.

2.To open the HP Embedded Web Server, type the IP address of the product on the prompt line and web browser address.

NOTE: To access HP embedded web server, you have to look for HP Device toolbox for windows or HP utility for Mac OS X

3.Click the Configuration tab and the Security link.

Note: If a password has been previously determined, you are prompted to enter the password.

Now you have to enter the password of your choice and after that, click on the apply button.


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