Mi Fitness Smart Band 4Do More,Play More,Live More,Price&Specifications...
Mi Fitness Smart Band 4Do More,Play More,Live More,Price&Specifications...

Mi Fitness Smart Band 4:– Smartphone and gadget manufacturer MI has launched a new fitness smart band. The company has created this smart band for those people. Those who want to take care of their health. With the help of this band, you will be able to measure all the temperature and other things in your body, which will keep your health right and if you are going to have any problems, then this smart band will inform you in advance that this is the biggest benefit. That when you do morning walk exercise or swimming. So it watches every activity of your body carefully and informs you. The company has named this fitness band MI Smart Band For.

So if you too are thinking about taking this smart band, then let us tell you about all the specifications and price of this fitness smart band. Maybe. It proves to be the best option for you…

Mi Fitness Smart Band 4 Price & Specifications

Amoled Full-Color Touch Display

In this fitness smart band, you get a 39.9% wide full-color AMOLED display, which comes up to 40 Nits with 5 adjustable brightness levels. With which you will be able to see the screen well in daylight without any problem.

Smart Music and Volume Controls

With the help of Smart Band, you can change the music without stopping your workout. You can adjust his volume. He can also enjoy a healthy workout without any hassle. Or he will create joy in your workout.


Pool Swimming

With the help of this smart band, you can make your pool swimming more enjoyable and rules-wise. Because of this smart band when you do swimming. Then through your 12 Capable Recording Data feature, you can record a lot of data such as stroke account distance during your swimming.


Through this fitness band, you can know your heart rate intensity and calories every time to improve your walking ability along with tracking GPS. So that you can increase your ability to walk day by day and keep your body fit.

Outdoor Running & Treadmill

With its help, you can check the recording speed distance and heart rate and intensity to increase your diet better. And you can maintain your body. And you can remove diseases from your body.


When you are cycling You can then optimize your workout. Whether it is a steep climb or dashing around the city.

Sleep monitoring

With the help of this fitness band, you can keep an eye on your sleep too It tells you how your behavior was while sleeping for how many hours you slept. And what was your heart rate. Its partner shows you monitoring your heart rate 24 hours seven days a week.


In this smart band, the company has given a large battery, due to which it lasts for 20 days on a full charge.


The company has priced this fitness smart band at Rs 2299. You can buy this band through the company’s official website e-commerce company Flipkart and Amazon.


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