Mi New 4.0 Compact Bluetooth SpeakerPrice in India,Specifications...
Mi New 4.0 Compact Bluetooth SpeakerPrice in India,Specifications...

Mi New 4.0 Compact Bluetooth Speaker:– Gadget and smartphone maker MI has launched a new Bluetooth speaker some time ago. This speaker is named Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2. The company says that this speaker is very small and light to see but its sound quality is very good. Especially the company has made it for those people who like to watch music or movies for a long time and in high volume, with the help of this company tax, you can enjoy music continuously for many hours.

If you are also one of them. Those who want similar compact Bluetooth speakers. So let us tell you about the price and all specifications of this Bluetooth speaker of MI. Maybe this speaker proves to be the best option for you….

Mi New 4.0 Compact Bluetooth Speaker Price & Specifications…

Compact yet powerful

Mi’s Bluetooth speaker is compact and very lightweight, due to which you can carry it anywhere in your pocket or carry it in hand. Its design is as compact as it is. It produces the same sound.

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Clear & Natural Sound

The super-strong Neodymium magnets of this Bluetooth speaker help it to get clear and natural sound. With the help of these, it is able to give a clear and natural sound.

6-hour long battery life

The battery of this Bluetooth speaker lasts for 6 hours on 80% volume continuously on a full charge. And its battery symbol will show on the screen of your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity so that you will know how much battery is left in your speaker. is.

Parametric Mesh Design

This Bluetooth speaker has been specially designed in a parametric mesh design manner so that it does not stop the sound coming out of the speaker and gives a clear voice to you.

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Built-in Mic For HandsFree Calling

This Bluetooth speaker has a built-in mic feature so that you can receive phone calls without using hands. With its help, you can make calls without touching your smartphone. Only you have to press the power button of this speaker to receive the call. After that, you can talk without any problem.

High-Speed ​​Bluetooth 4.0

The company has a high-speed Bluetooth 4 point zero system in this speaker. Because of which you will be able to connect it to other devices like your smartphone, TV, and computer in a few seconds. You will be able to enjoy music for a long time.


The company has priced its new Yes Compact Bluetooth Speaker at only ₹ 799. You will be able to buy this compact speaker through MI’s official site.

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