Redmi New 10W Fast Charge Power Bank Price in India,Specifications...
Redmi New 10W Fast Charge Power Bank Price in India,Specifications...

Mi Redmi has launched a new 10W fast charge power bank in India. Whose name is Redmi 10000 mah Power Bank.The specialty of this power bank is that this power bank supports 2 Way Fast Charging. In making it, the company has used 12 Layer Circuit Protection, so that this power bank will neither be hot nor blast during charging. This means that this power bank is absolutely safe for your device and you. Two, if you too are looking for such a good and safe power bank, then let us tell you in detail about the price and all the specifications of this power bank…

Mi Redmi New Power Bank Price & Specifications

Ultimate Charging Convenience

This power bank of Redmi comes with a battery of 10000mah capacity. Along with this, 2-input ports have been given in this power bank. One of which is Micro USB and the other is Type-C, so you will not have to move around with multiple cables.

Dual Port Support

There are two output ports in this power bank for charging. With the help of which you can charge two devices simultaneously with fast charging support.

10W Fast Charge

This 10000mah power bank of Redmi is high
Supports 10W fast charging with li-poly battery with -capacity. With which your smartphone tablet and other devices will be fully charged very soon.

Stylish Design

High-quality material has been used to make this thin power bank. This makes the power bank quite attractive, and its anti-slip edge texture and lightweight also provide a lot of comfort in hand. And it does not allow it to slip by hand, because of this the risk of breakdown of this power bank is also reduced.


This new power bank of Redmi is available in classic black and white color options.

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Low-Power Charging Mode

This power bank of Redmi has fast charging as well as low power charging mode with the help of which you can safely charge devices like Bluetooth, headset, and fitness band. After turning on this mode, you will be able to fully charge these devices in 2 hours. To turn on this low power mode, you have to press the power button of this power bank twice.

Protection From Over Charge

The 12 layers of advanced chip protection of this power bank prevent the battery of this power bank from being overcharged. That is when the battery of your power bank is fully charged. This chip protection then disconnects the connection of the USB cable and the charging port. Which will not overcharge your power bank, and will support you for a long time.


The price of this new 10000 power bank of Redmi is ₹ 999. But the Independence Sale of MI is currently going on, which is going to run till August 11, in which this power bank is getting only ₹ 699.


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