Oppo Smart Watch: Designed To Inpress Watch,Price in India,Specifications...
Oppo Smart Watch: Designed To Inpress Watch,Price in India,Specifications...

Oppo Smart Watch:– Gadget and smartphone maker company Oppo India has launched a new smartwatch. This smartwatch has been made by the company especially for those people who want to take care of their health too much along with using technology. And so through this smartwatch, you can do all the things of your smartphone like That message notifications can do online music and health monitoring. Because you also save time. You do not have to open this smartphone again and again. Moreover, with the help of a smartwatch, you can make a quick reply and online payment to any person.

So if you need a similar smartwatch. So let us tell you about the price and all the specifications of this smartwatch. This smartwatch may prove to be the best option for you…

Oppo SmartWatch Price & Specifications

Beauty on Vivid Display.

This smartwatch has a 1.9 inch dual-curved flexible AMOLED screen with a smartphone. Which are a crisp image quality daughter and its 3D curved back design makes you good looking and most different.

It Tells the Time and Maximizes Your Time.

This Oppo smartwatch has an OS by Google feature. Which saves you a lot of time. And with its help, you get message notifications, online music, mobile payment and schedule management, quick reply, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, exercise
You can open your smartphone without working like tracking, Locate your phone.

Charge It in Minutes, Use It for Days

The company has given a big battery in this smartwatch, due to which you will be able to use it for 21 days after full charge once. Along with this, VOOC Flash Charging has also been provided in this smartwatch. Because of which you apply it for only 15 minutes of charging, 46% charge is charged, and in this battery, you can use it all day. And if you use it in smart mode, then its battery lasts continuously for 36 hours. And in power saving mode, it runs continuously for 21 days.

Make Every Step Count

The company has given multiple workout modes in this smartwatch. 5-minute class series and 50 meters water-resistant features. Which helps you in tracking your workouts and real-time fitness. Because of which you can stay fit and protect your body from any disease.

Follow Your Heart’s Every Beat⁶

This smartwatch of the company counts every single beat in your heart for 24 hours. And also counts your sleeping activity.

Charging Time

The company has given VOOC Flash Charging Technology in this smartwatch. For this reason, its battery gets 46% on 15 minutes of charging, which lasts the whole day and it becomes full after 75 minutes of charging. And lasts for 21 days in power saving mode, so you do not have to use it repeatedly and for a very long time.


The company has priced the smartwatch at ₹ 14990. You can buy it from Amazon.

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