Realme New SmartwatchThe Time To Smarter,Price in India,Specification.
Realme New SmartwatchThe Time To Smarter,Price in India,Specification.

Realme New Smartwatch:– Smartphone and gadget manufacturer Realme India has launched a new smartwatch. This smartwatch of the company connects to your smartphone. And through this, you can control music and the camera. With this, it shows the notifications coming in your smartphone through its display. So you do not have to open the smartphone again and again. Along with this, it will also keep your health in mind. That is, it will keep checking the amount of blood and oxygen in your body. And will keep telling you, with this, 14 modes have been given for exercise. Which will check your every activity.

So if you too were looking for a smartwatch like this. So let us tell you all about the specification and price of this smartwatch. Maybe this smartwatch proves to be the best option for you….

Realme New Smartwatch Price & Specifications

Large Color Touch Screen

The company has given 3.5cm (1.4 “) Vivid Color and Smooth Touch Display in this smartwatch. Its resolution is 320×320 pixels. Due to the smooth touch, you don’t have any difficulty in controlling it. Lightweight, It starts working only when you touch it, which does not bother you.

Personalized Watch Faces

The company has given 12 faces display in this smartwatch. With the help of which you can apply the smartwatch according to your look and can look good. Along with this, you have been given 4 Colorful Watch Straps in this smartwatch, which further enhances its beauty.

Your 24/7 Health Assistant

Smart Watch keeps your health in mind 24 hours seven days a week. And always tells you the amount of blood and oxygen present in your body and also monitors your exercise. This will keep your body under your control.

Real-Time Heart Rate Monitor

This smartwatch checks your heart 24 hours. And gives you real-time information. So that if you are having any kind of problem, then you can get it treated in time and it helps in avoiding dangerous diseases like a heart attack.

Your Smart Life Starts Here

With the help of this smartwatch, you can enjoy it by turning your life smartly. And you can check each of your activities. Which is beneficial for your health.


The company has priced its smartwatch at Rs 3999. You can buy it from the company’s official website, after that the company will deliver this smartwatch to you at home.

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